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As you all now aware that market stumbled today more than 2050 points on SENSEX and 650 points on NIFTY.

Finally it closes down 1408 points on Sensex and 496 points on NIFTY.. This is worst singal day fall in India Market..

Even all Asian market are also down around 3- 5% . Especially HANG SENG index is closed nearly 5% down and

Janpan Index fellaround 4%... We were the WORST performer in this region..

Reason of this massive SELL - OFF ====> Many broker has no permisson from exchanges to allow any BUY

sauda.. They can only put Sell Sauda from their end.. and second one is they MARGIN CALLS... Many clients were

in Margin Call of their brokerages.. They can also perform only SELL sauda.. no execution of any BUY sauda .. even

they are not able to cover their position.. I think These above two mentioned resons are main reason for this massive

sell - off.

SENSEX & NIFTY came close to halt trading nearly two times today

SENSEX came within less than a percantage pointof trigering the first halt in trading since Oct17 , 2007. When

proposal to curb P NOTES problem. If the SENSEX had dropped 10% or 2020 points before 1.00 PM today , the

SENSEX and NIFTY woulds halt trading, and if fall more than 10% after 1.00 PM but befor 2.30pme it would halt

trading for 30 mins. If the market fall after 2:30 p.m. the halt would have been triggered at 15 percent instead of 10

percent and markets would have ceased trading for the rest of the day.


Main concern is for tomorrow is again MARGIN CALL and bad worlds market cues.. Those who survived today

massive sell off will definetly come tomorrow in MARGIN CALL.. and for so brokerages will square off their position

again in morning.. SO I am recomending all of you to please stay away from market tomorrow for atleast 1.oo hour..

Because no one know when they will square off MARGIN CALL position..

CONCERN FOR TOMORROW - the main concern for tomorrow is those who didnt came in margin call

today will come definetly tomorrow.. and also other Asian market volatility is also a concern.. what FII

are doing.. and what our FM is doing.. why they are not coming in TV and stating comment.. and Why

LICI is not infusing money in this market.. In this context I think that market will remain very Range

Bound for few trading session... This market will again start its journey towards higher end from end

of this months.. bcause refund order of REL POWER and Future Capital Holding will credited to

BIDDERS account. So in long term this is very good market to invest.. but in short term this is too

volatile for now sure..



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