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As you all know that market ended down by 875 points on SENSEX and 309 points on

and at mid of trading time they were down over 2200 & 750 points respectively.. All

Indecies on NSE , BSE were also closed down by around 5 - 8 % ... IN case of Sector wise IT

sector was the strongest which was down by 115.13 points.. and the badly hitted sector was


At the opening market hits a lower ckt of 10% and trading halted in NSE , BSE ( dont

forget that it hit lower ckt in opening bell matlab within 1 minute) afer re - open it covered

and and that time NIFTY was down only 230points.. but after that it Mkts butchered

and NIFTY down over by 750 points and Sensex down abt 2200 points.. But after all

Margin Call .. and Panic.. people started buying .. and at the end market cover a lot and

finally settels to close on 16729 on SENSEX and on NIFTY 4899 .

Ideas for Tomorrow

As we all now know that FED announces a 0.75% cut in Interest rates.. So from this It will boost

a energy in our market.. but dont forget that tommorow another panic MARGIN PRESSURE is

left.. as broker today cutted only MARGIN position not the entire debit amount.. So tommorow

u can see a gap up opening but it could not survive.. bcoz they will cut ur position of all

outstanding (this is what I think.. my personal think can not comply with ur own outlook)

We Will post our Trading Ideas and delivery position on the nifty and on stock specific here

and also on orkut from tomorrow when market stablise..



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