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Last Week we saw the Worst of Indain Capital Market. Sensex collapsed from 21000+ to 16000 odd levels sets PANIC in the mind of Indian Investor. The scenario was more worst in case of Future and Option player.. in Maximum case they loose all of their hard earned money and in some case they had to bring some additional more to cover up losses. The wort day was Tuesday , when Market looses its ground and hits a lower circut in 45 seconds on opening. and a make a low of 2300 or more points. Most of FnO stocks were badly hitten by 20 % or more.. The worst affected stock was RNRL it was down about 50% in a single day and made a low of 78 and Neyveli Lignite it was down 42% and hits a low of 92. but these stocks some recovered a bit after a such huge downfall.

Market gives it gain of around 6000 points or 27% in just 9 trading session but it tooks 92 trading session to make that points.. Global market is also not favorable. US market is now showing a signs of recession.
The scenario that we see is also the function of global volatility as many Asian indices have fallen equally bad in 2008. So this is more of a global phenomenon than something restricted only to Indian markets.

Country’s largest IPO of reliance power dragged the liquidity from the systems. The IPO collected more than Rs 7000 billion from the markets which created the liquidity crisis in the systems.

Support for Sensex is 17450 and 16980 and resistance would be 20986. Sensex should cross this levels for continuing this uptrend. 100Days daily moving average is 14431 for Sensex

Indian Market Strategy

market is relatively strong than other emerging markets of World after China. We registering a growth rate of around 9 % yearly while the US and other European countries registering only 3 - 4 % on year - on - year basis. Our view is that this BEAR run cannot stays for long. So just invested in good and Quality Stocks. like we posted previously. Indian market will surely give you best return in long run. So my suggestion please be invested for good returns. Bcoz in this downfalls all bear hands gets out of this market and this market in in good bulls hand.



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